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Brite, Poppy Z.

Lost Souls

novel, first in 1992

Penguin Books 1994

paperback, 359 p.

ISBN 0-14-017392-7

Recommendable in every aspect!



Love In Vein II

anthology, first in 1997

Harper Prism 1998

ISBN 0-06-105657-x

paperback, 534 p.

Free to very free interpretations of the vampire topic.




N. Gaiman: Snow, Glass, Apples

C.R. Kiernan: Belas Plot

C. Fowler: Armies Of The Heart

O. De Noux: Whispers In Walled Tombs

L.Taylor: Ceilings And Sky

T. Metzger: The Fly Room

D. Niall Wilson: The Subtle Ties That Bind

R. Lannes: When Memory Fails

J. Berliner/ G.Guthrie: The I Of The Eye Of The Worm

J.-D. Brque: Stigmata

B. Hodge: The Dripping Of Sundering Wineskins

P. Califa: Im Not Well, But Im Better

N. Royle: Kingyo No Fun

R. Laymon: First Date

R. Fox: To Have You With Me

D. J. Schow: Dusting The Flowers

S.M. Rainey: Bloodlight

T.S. Roche: The Privilege Of The Dead




Codrescu, Andrei

The Blood Countess


Simon & Schuster 1995

ISBN 0-684-80344-9

hardcover, 346 p.

Deals with the life of Romanian baroness Elizabeth Barthory, mixed up in a vampire story. Quite bloody, with an good deal of sadomasochistic erotic.

You might enjoy this book if you liked Countess Dracula by Tony Thorne.



Copper, Basil

The Vampire in Legend, Art and Fact

non-fiction, first in 1973

Citadel 1993

ISBN 0-8065-1126-5

paperback, 208 p.

Entertainig and informative.



Dunn Mascetti, Manuela

Vampire. The Complete Guide to the World of the Undead

non-fiction, illustrated book, first in 1991 (published by Bloomsbury Publishing as Chronicles of the Vampires)

Viking Studio Books 1992

ISBN 0-6670-84664-3

hardcover, 224 p.

Especially nice illustrations.



Forrester, Martyn

The Vampire Joke Book


Puffin (?), no year

ISBN 0-14-037203-2

paperback, 104 p.

Jokes with high haemorrhagic risk: Whos a vampire going to marry? - His Ghoul-friend! Aaargh...



Hurwood, Bernhardt J.


non-fiction, illustrated book

Quick Fox 1981

ISBN 0-8256-3202-1

paperback, 179 p.


 Lee, Christopher

Tall, Dark and Gruesome

autobiography, first in 1977

Vista 1997 (reviewed)

ISBN 0-575-60232-5

paperback, 448 p.

Great! Highly recommendable. Hilarious and very interesting autobiography by the famous  Dracula-actor.



 Martin, George R.R.

Fevre Dream

novel, first in 1982

Gollancz 2001

ISBN 1-85798-331-9

paperback, 351 p.

Well investigated novel. Good guy-vampire versus bad guy-vampire and an old steamboat captain between the fronts. Modern classic, often referred to.

You might enjoy this book if you liked Those who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly.



Melton, J.Gordon

The Vampire Book. The Encyclopedia of the Undead

non-fiction, encyclopaedia

Visible Ink 1999

ISBN 1-57859-071-x

paperback, 919 p.

Extensive work by passionate encyclopaedist and vampire fan Melton (e.g. he also wrote a 2 volumes- encyclopaedia on parapsychology an occultism). Melton is president of the US-american section of Transylvanian Society of Dracula.

Disadvantage: Emphasis on minor phenomena like Dark Shadows-fandom and details of White Wolf-roleplay Vampire: The Masquerade. Foreign words (esp. German) often in wrong spelling. Still extremely informative, very profound, one of the best encyclopaedia. Melton wrote further non-fictional books on vampires (e.g. illustrated book The Vampire Gallery).



Miller, Prof. Elizabeth

A Dracula Handbook


Pigeon Inlet Productions 2001

ISBN ----

brochure, 107 p.

Professor Miller, chair of English Department of Unviersity of Newfoundland, Dracula-scholar and a really decent person, wrote several books on Stokers novel Dracula. Here she answers frequently asked questions she encountered during her lessons about the prince of the undead. Solid perspective of the novel and its author Bram Stoker, the era when Dracula was written, the historical figure of Vlad Tepes and Romania. Informative and recommendable.



Ramsland, Katherine

The Vampire Companion

non-fiction, encyclopaedia; first in 1993

Ballantine Books 1995 (reviewed)

ISBN 0-345-39739-8

paperback, 581 p.

Extensive encyclopaedia about Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles (this issue reaches until Memnoch the Devil).


Piercing the Darkness. Undercover with Vampires in America Today

non-fiction, first in 1998

HarperPrism 1999 (reviewed)

ISBN 0-06-105945-5

paperback, 546 p.

Must-read about the vampire/ vampyre scene in the USA (and worldwide). Unfortunately the author uses the trick of tying her investigations together with an invented pseudo-true background story.



Rice, Anne

The Vampire Armand


Knopf 1998

ISBN 0-679-45447-0

hardcover, 388 p.

Vol. 6 in The Vampire Chronicles




Chatto & Windus 2000 (uncorrected bound proof)

ISBN 0-7011-6718-1

paperback, 305 p.

David Talbot, the aged ex-president of the Talamasca in the body of a twenty-six year old vampire, meets a friend from former days: Stunningly beautiful, highly gifted voodoo priestess Merrique Mayfair of the Mayfair witches. A small child, she was admitted to the Talamasca and educated in things of the paranormal by Talbot and the late Aaron Lightner. Past haunts both of them: Merrick by her family, who died in a car accident, Talbot his one night stand with the beautiful witch in the jungles of Amazonas. Louis de Pointe du Lac, living with Talbot now, wants Merrick to call up the spirit of Claudia, the destroyed vampire child. In exchange he is to make Merrick immortal. Louis and Merrick fall in love, but the spirit that Merrick called demands Louis (who always rejected ber-vampire Lestats blood and with it the impossibility to really die) to commit suicide. Imbued by the wish to atone for Claudias death and be reunited with her, Louis exposes himself to sunlight. Rescue comes from unexpected side...

Rice announced the end of The Vampire Chronicles at least three times already. Since about volume 3, The Queen of the Damned, shes run out of inspiration as well. No improve to link the Chronicles with the  Mayfair Witches-stories. Again its all about whining over a ravishing human and finally making it a vampire anyway. 

Moreover, Rice again commits mistakes in her handcrafting, e.g. by using certain characteristics of speech for several characters or repeating stylistic devices and phrases over and over. 

Not to speak of her attempt to sell more than one "lie" at once to the reader (not only vampires, but hauntings, voodoo, sorcery). 

Positive: Rice limits herself to three or four important charakters.



Vittorio, the Vampire


Arrow 1999

ISBN 0-09-927109-5

paperback, 344 p.

First volume in the New Tales of the Vampires.




Ballantine Books 1998

ISBN 0-345-42238-4

paperback, 344 p.

Vol. 2 in the New Tales of the Vampires


Romkey, Michael

The London Vampire Panic


Ballantine Books 2001

ISBN 0-449-00573-9

paperback, 295 p.

Seems like four different authors writing one novel, tough not bad, thrilling, fast and interesting, only the end sucks. Romkey wrote quite a series of vampire books.

B , not regarding the end, so C


Rymer, James Malcolm

Varney, the Vampyre or: The Feast of Blood

novel, first in 1845

Wildside Press 2000

ISBN 1-58715-364-5

paperback, 341 p.

First volume in Varney, the Vampyre or: The Feast of Blood, a Romance


Varney, the Vampyre - The Flight of the Vampyre

novel, first in 1846

Wildside Press 2001

ISBN 1-58715-365-3

paperback, 291 p.

Vol. 2 in Varney, the Vampyre or: The Feast of Blood, a Romance


Varney, the Vampyre - The Coming of the Second Vampyre

novel, first in 1847

Wildside Press 2002

ISBN 1-58715-366-1

paperback, 313 p

Vol. 3 in Varney, the Vampyre or: The Feast of Blood, a Romance


 Smith, Lisa J.

The Vampire Diaries: 1 - The Awakening


Harper Prism 1999

ISBN 0-06-102000-1

paperback, 311 p.

Most popular girl falls in love with a vampire - but the vampire has an evil brother and the girl a rival...

First volume in a 4 volume series



Sommer-Bodenburg, Angela

The Little Vampire

Childrens book

Translation: Sarah Gibson

 RoRoRo 2004

ISBN 3-499-21280-3

Paperback, 154 pages

Stoker, Bram


novel, first in 1897

Penguin Books 1994

ISBN 0-14-062063-x

paperback, 449 p.




Summers, Montague

The Vampire in Europe

non-fiction, first in 1928 (?)

University Books 1961

ISBN ----

hardcover, 329 p.


Thorne, Tony

Countess Dracula

non-fiction, first in 1997

Bloomsbury 1998

ISBN 0-7475-3641-4

paperback, 274 p.

The life and times of Elizabeth Bathory, known as the Blood Countess. Informative.

You might enjoy this book if you liked The Blood Countess by Andrei Codrescu.



Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

Htel Transylvania

novel, first in 1978

Stealth Press 2001

ISBN 1-58881-009-7

hardcover, 277 p.

Unbearably flawless good guy-vampire. Seems like its all about what people are wearing.

You might enjoy this novel if you liked A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington.



The Palace

novel, first in 1978

Stealth Press 2001

ISBN 1-58881-021-6

hardcover, 390 p.

Vol. 2. Good guy vampire still unbearably flawless, now in Renaissance Florence.



Tempting Fate

novel, first in 1982

Stealth Press 2001

ISBN 1-58881-025-9

hardcover, 662 p.

Vol 3. Didnt find the sense of duty yet to read about 700 pages of unbearably flawless good guy vampire in WW 1.

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